About Epic Brokers

Providing Living Excellence to the Consumers

Epic Brokers is a prominent real estate and rental marketplace in the country dedicated to providing consumers with knowledge, inspiration, and data around the place they call home. We thrive on connecting people with the best local professionals who can help them with their requirements.

We assist the complete lifecycle of owning and living in a home – purchasing, selling, leasing, renting, remodeling, and, financing. It all starts with our official database of hundreds of homes including homes for rent, homes for sale, as well as properties not currently on the market.

We know that real estate is an undying asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most robust security that human resourcefulness has devised. Keeping this in mind, we try to achieve extraordinary results for our clientele in an increasingly competitive market. To accomplish this, we are reinventing what Epic Brokers as a brand means in the minds and hearts of those who are selling, buying, and working in real estate.

Buying a home?

Your satisfaction is our top priority! We will take the time to listen to your needs and desires and together we will find your dream home.

Selling your home?

We will get your home sold for top dollar and in a timely manner. Our online and offline marketing programs give us the edge needed to make this possible in even the toughest real estate markets.

Our experience

Our collective experience in the real estate market will be your best asset in making a smart and economic real estate choice. We’ve been providing home buyers and sellers with trusted support and service for years. We’ll do the same for you.

Why Choose Us?

Because we put the customer back in customer service…


Epic Brokers is a valid organization in the community with thousands of high-profile contacts. The problem with real estate is that it’s local. You have to understand the local market. With our connections, we make sure to work through the barriers that may prevent real estate transactions whether it is buying or selling. The use of innovative technology gives us the opportunity to connect the right people at the right time.


Epic Brokers boast a team of experienced real estate brokers and marketers with industry expertise and excellent negotiation techniques. We help customers get the best deals possible. We have years of experience in successfully buying, selling, and managing properties in the local markets. We not only endured the recent downturn, but we also succeeded, thanks to our quality advice and honest business practices. You can be sure that once a deal in the contract; our proficiency will bring the high opportunity of fruitfully completing the transaction.

Full Variety of Services

Epic Brokers are fully invested in the real estate market. We use our broad network throughout the real estate market including the mortgage industry to get you the best deals possible. Whether it is buying a new home or selling an old one, remodeling, or availing mortgage, we cover a wide area of real estate. We can also manage multi-tenant investment properties to help you save time and money.

our mission

A key part of providing the best service to our clients is to provide them with the guidance and support needed throughout the entire selling or buying experience.

We want to provide the very best service to our clients. This means that for the home seller, we want to ensure that every home listed through us is given the attention necessary to properly promote it in the marketplace and that every buyer that we assist receives everything they need to find the home they’ve been looking for. A key part of providing the best service to our clients is to provide them with the guidance and support needed throughout the entire selling or buying experience.